Steering Group

TPI Steering Group is made up of asset owners from Europe, the US and Australasia

The TPI was established in 2017 as a joint initiative between the Church of England National Investing Bodies (Church of England Pensions Board, the Church Commissioners and CBF Funds) and the Environment Agency Pension Fund. TPI is governed by the TPI Steering Group and consists of representatives from asset owners who are significant sponsors. Expert and other partners can also be invited by the Steering Group to co-opt representatives to the TPI Steering Group to get the diversity of views needed to achieve the strategic objectives of the Initiative.  TPI’s academic, data partners and secretariat representatives are ex officio members of the Steering Group.

The Steering Group is chaired by Adam Matthews, Chief Responsible Investment Officer for the Church of England Pensions Board

The following asset owners are members of the Steering Group:
AP4 AP7 Brunel Pension Partnership Environment Agency Pension Fund HESTA LGPS Central Local Pension Partnership NZ SuperFund Norges Bank Investment Management RMPI Railpen The Church Commissioners for England The Church of England Pension Board USS Wespath