Webinar - spotlight on food producers: measuring progress towards net zero emissions


Date: 11 April 2024, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Venue: Online (via Zoom)

The food sector is one of the greatest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions but also one of the most vulnerable to the adverse impact of climate change. The ‘Food Producers Beginning the Journey to Net-Zero Emissions’ report builds upon the Carbon Performance assessment of food producers’: note on methodology published in January 2024 to provide the results of this first sectoral assessment alongside deeper insights.

During this webinar, speakers will introduce the TPI initiative, the Carbon Performance methodology and its usefulness to assess companies’ efforts in the transition towards a low carbon economy, how this methodology is applied to food producers’ and share some research findings from the assessment of the 26 largest food producing companies. You will also hear from TPI tool users about how the new TPI Carbon Performance methodology will benefit their analysis and decisions.


  • David Russell, TPI
  • Simon Dietz, TPI Centre, LSE
  • Valentin Jahn, TPI Centre, LSE
  • Cristóbal Budnevich Portales, TPI Centre, LSE
  • Sophie Capaldi, Marshall Wace LLP 
  • Ion Visinovschi, Planet Tracker

How to join

This webinar is free to join but you will need to register in advance here